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Black Elektronika

is a producer, DJ, sound engineer, composer ,entrepreneur, thinker and t-shirt designer. Born in Nigeria, but raised in Milan, Italy, he is proficient at mostly all kinds of music, and he is finally planning to take his in-depth knowledge, superior technical skills, and excellent showmanship to the next level.

Throughout his career, Black Elektronika showcased a consistently positive track record of high-quality music releases, and unparalleled preeminence as a sound engineer, producer, performer, and musician. This supremely talented artist has conquered audiences both locally and internationally. Following his massive experience regarding the Italian hip-hop scene, he also succeeded with international projects. Currently, Black Elektronika lives in Berlin, Germany, taking the buzzing local music scene by storm with his creative sound and kaleidoscopic artistic vision that knows no limits. After establishing a track record of unparalleled achievement and building consistent excellence at each waypoint in his career, and acquiring a deep knowledge and understanding of both the music production and performance markets, Black Elektronika has brought together a repertoire and built a business and standard by which many electronic music businesses can be measured.

When not busy making music, Black Elektronika also dabbles in t-shirt design and other interests.