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Sunny aka Black Elektronika is a producer, DJ, sound engineer, and composer, born in Lagos, Nigeria, and raised in Milan, Italy. Sunny was first exposed to music at an early age through his dad’s vinyl collection in Nigeria. The sound of Fela Kuti, Williams Onyeabor, Depeche Mode, and others made a big influence on Sunny‚Äôs understanding of electronic music. 

Spending a lot of time in the studio, experimenting with sound, Sunny is developing his own unique sonic language. Throughout his career, Black Elektronika showcased a consistently positive track record of high-quality music releases and unparalleled performance as an artist. 

Recently Sunny has been expanding his fields of expertise and working outside the club scene creating a sound installation for the audiovisual exhibition, composing a field recording-based soundtrack for the documentary, and giving workshops. 

Currently, Black Elektronika divides his time between Berlin, Germany, and Vilnius, Lithuania, taking the buzzing local music scene with his creative sound and kaleidoscopic artistic vision that knows no limits.