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Deep house, Techno, Electronic

Milano, IT

After nearly five years of dedication to the Milano music culture, Black Elektronika plans to take his deep knowledge, well-established technical skills and showmanship into his next challenge. A career marked by a constantly improving track record and unparalleled preeminence as a sound engineer, producer, performer and music veteran has established Black Elektronika’s knowledge, ambition and inestimable skills.

An unrivaled and highly effective ability to organize and categorize, and to develop talent into action has dramatically influenced his presence in performance venues both domestic and international. The great progress made at his behest has benefited both his fellow performers and audiences, while he has advanced his discipline and knowledge show by show and album by album. Considerable experience in the Italian hip hop market has built a foundation for many other successes. For example, Black Elektronika was a producer on the critically-acclaimed Marisoul R&B/Soul album in Argentina.

After establishing a track record of unparalleled achievement and building consistent excellence at each waypoint in his career, and acquiring a deep knowledge and understanding of both the music production and performance markets, Black Elektronika has brought together a repertoire and built a business and standard by which many electronic music businesses can be measured.